At the heart of the studio is a Mac Pro 6,1 six core Xeon computer with 16 gigs of ram running Pro Tools 12 and Cubase Pro 8, SSL X-DESK Mixing Console, Antelope Audio 32+ 192khz interface, Burl Audio B2 Bomber 2ch ADC, Avid Artist Control, with Yamaha and JBL monitoring options.

Pre amps

API 512c x2, Neve 1073 LB, BAE 1073MPL x2, Ssl alpha vhd 4 pre, A Designs P-1, Universal Audio 6176, Universal Audio 610, Vintech Audio X731, ADL 600 Di Maria 2 pre, Chandler TG2 Abbey Road Special Edition (Dual Discrete Preamp)


API 2500 stereo compressor x2, Smart Research C1LA, Distressor EL8-X, Distressor EL8, Dbx 160A compressor x4, Universal Audio 1176, Neve 551 Inductor EQ x2, Warm Audio 1176, Aphex Aural Exciter, Stam Audio Sa-2a, API 550a EQ, Electrodyne 511, LoopTrotter Satur-8 Summing Mixer, Warm Audio EQP-WA Tube EQ x2, Looptrotter Monster Stereo Compressor, JDK R-24 Dual Channel EQ, Kush Audio Clariphonic 2 channel Parallel EQ, BBE 482i Aural Exciter, Stereo Analog Tape Recorder


Vintage Neumann U87 x2, AKG C414, AKG 451b x2, Royer R121,Rode NT1000, Rode NT-5, Audix sc-x x 2, Milab, Audix D6, Sennheiser MD 421x 3, Sennheiser MD 412, Sennheiser E905, Sennheiser 609 x2,  Shure SM7-B, Shure beta 57, Shure sm57 x4, Shure beta 52 x2, AKG C-3000, Yamaha subkick, Beyer Dinamic M160 x2, Royer 121, Blue Encore 100


Metropoulos Plexi Replica, Devided by 13, Orange Rockerverb 100, Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier, Marshall, Kemper Profiling Amp, JCM 800, Egnater Tweaker 88, Peavey 6505, Orange Dual Terror, Fender deluxe, Fender bassman amp, Ampeg SVT, 1960 Classic marshall 4×12 cab, Mesa Boogie 4×12 Rectifier Cab, Orange PPC 4×12, Randall 2x12 1x15


Vintage Yamaha Recording Custom, Pork Pie Custom 6 piece, Zildjian A Custom, Zildjian K Custom, Paiste Signature, Gretch Catalina Birch 4 pieces, DW - Ludwig - Pearl Signature - Gretch - Pork Pie - Snare drums, Gibson Sg 61 guitar, Gibson les paul estándar guitar, Gibson Les Paul Studio, Fender stratocaster Custom guitar, Fender Telecaster USA Deluxe guitar, Martain DRS2 Acoustic, Taylor Acoustic, PRS 22 custom guitar, Music man Ernie ball bass, Nash Telecaster T72 Deluxe, Nash Jazz Bass

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